Our COVID-19 Response: Our commitment to our customers

Dear patients,

Coronavirus remains an integral part of our society for the time being, perhaps for coming weeks or even years. Of course, we do everything in our capacity, enabling you to have a risk-free dental treatment. Besides the standardized dental hygiene measures, we have included the following additional protective measures:

  • Every room is equipped with HEPA purifier
  • We mist all room with non toxic disinfectant between patients reducing 99.9% bacteria
  • Temperature and screening will be take upon entry of all patient and staff member
  • Before each dental treatment, our patients receive a disinfecting mouth rinse solution (in accordance with the current scientific guidelines of the American Dental Association, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine for protection against aerosols).
  • Our employees are equipped with special protective clothing (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • We regularly ventilate all rooms.
  • We disinfect all door handles and surfaces at short, regular intervals.
  • In every practice at our premises, there are several disinfectant dispensers available for our patients.
  • We ask our patients to make appointments on call to avoid unnecessary contact and crowd.
  • All patients or their family members experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home and contact the physician. However, no dental care services will be available for such patients until the next documented negative COVID-19 test results are shown to the clinic’s administration.

Engagement of our staff in our office – What will they be doing?

  • We are enthusiastic about serving our customers at our level best until the conditions and situations allow. Although taking precautions is mandatory, adapting necessary precautions enable us to passionately treating those with severe dental pain and problems.
  • Our staff schedules the appointments accordingly to keep minimum patients inside the premises for minimum exposure.
  • The administration is instructed to waive the appointment cancellation fees for all patients for a particular time.
  • Even our dental assistants continue to adhere to the standards set; washing hands, sterilize instruments, use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), frequent clinical and non-clinical premises cleaning (such as doorknobs, waiting rooms, restrooms, etc.).
  • Communicate any changes made to operations/schedule as soon as possible to all staff members.

We look forward to your on-call appointments and visits. Stay healthy!

Dr. Sarah Chong.